5 Helpful Tips When Shopping For Long-Lasting Orchids

5 Helpful Tips When Shopping For Long-Lasting Orchids

All orchids are undeniably stunning, to begin with. It’s almost impossible for you to go wrong.

But of course, when you’re shopping for orchid plants, whether to be handed out as a gift to someone special or to be incorporated as a natural accent piece into your interiors, you want to have the fairest, the healthiest, and the one that will last long and indulge you or the recipient with its beauty for the next months to come.

Take note of these simple but sensible tips that will help you spot the fairest orchids of them all at all times.

Orchid Shopping Tip No. 1: The BLOOMS

pink orchid blooms

Orchid plants with dramatic sprays of large blooms make perfect tasteful presents and mesmerizing decors. 

  • Always go for orchid plants that have the most orchid buds in the stem, because this means you get to enjoy its flowering phase for a longer amount of time.
  • The flowers of the orchid plant should be vibrant in color, free of blemishes or any tell-tale sign of a fungal infection, and are firmly attached to a sturdy spike.

Orchid Shopping Tip No. 2: The Leaves and Stems

orchid flower garden


Granted that the appearance of stems and leaves of orchid plants may vary greatly, depending on what orchid species they belong. Nonetheless, there are non-negotiable features that characterize a healthy orchid plant, such as:

  • Orchid leaves should be green, without any hint of yellow or brown discoloration or blotches
  • The stems or spike of your orchid plant should be erect. If you’re buying your orchids online or at a local store, the plant will most likely be presented to you braced with a stake or wire to prevent them from any damage during transportation

Orchid Shopping Tip No. 3: The Roots

orchid plants

The color of the roots of your orchid plant is another indicator.

Green shades in orchid roots are a good sign of health, while dried, dark, or shrivelled white roots mean the plant is either dead or dying.     

Orchid Shopping Tip No. 4: Know Your Orchid


When shopping for orchid plants, be sure you don’t leave the store or hit the buy button without knowing the exact name of your orchid. Is it a phalaenopsis orchid, a cymbidium orchid, a vanda orchid? A label that says “orchid plant” or “flowering orchid” just won’t do.

Not only is it unhelpful to you in finding out how to maintain it properly, but it also reflects negatively on your orchid vendor.

Orchid Shopping Tip No. 5: The Seller

orchids florist in Los Angeles

Have you ever experienced coming home from a shopping spree happy, only to find out in the end that you’ve been duped or tricked into buying something of lesser value?

This can happen when shopping for orchids, too. This is why it’s important to go for a trusted florist or floral shop that sells orchids.

  • Stick with orchid sellers that can guarantee the quality of their orchid plants or orchid arrangement. It’s such a relief to shop for orchid plants knowing that all you have to think about is whether you’re getting a dendrobium or a vanda, a pink one or a white one, in a vase or in a pot, because everything they have is healthy and of excellent quality.

  • Pick an orchid shop that’s an expert on the subject matter, too – orchids. Can they answer your basic questions about orchids? Do they give honest opinions and help you make good decisions when shopping for orchids?

  • Choose orchid shops near you or that offer delivery. This will ensure you get your orchid plants safely at your front door minus the hassle on your end. Orchid Republic is conveniently located at the heart of Studio City and offers same-day flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange County.

If you’ve found an orchid shop that fits these categories, don’t let them go!  







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