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5 Floral Centerpieces That Will Usher in Warm, Christmas Vibes into Your Home

Flowers For All Seasons


Our early Christmas gift for you: creative inspirations to keep your imagination up and running this holiday season! Deck the halls, dress up your tables, and let your home sparkle with these stunning Christmas-themed flower arrangements, centerpieces, and decorations fit for the biggest celebration of the year.

1. Red Amaryllis and Candles


Hosting this year's Christmas dinner or luncheon? Set the bar high by pulling off this crisp, clean, and classy look that's perfect for a formal table setting. 


2. White Floral Christmas

Christmas Flower Box

Baby, it's cold outside. Snow or no snow, this gorgeous white and silver-hued Christmas box should be yours. 

3. Tiny Christmas Candle with Pine Sprigs and Berries 


Cute but chic. Scatter these little ornaments around your favorite nooks around in the house, or better yet, line them up or group them in three for a cozy Christmas tablescape. 

4. Orchid Christmas Tree

Who needs a Christmas tree when you can have an orchid tree instead? This is every orchid lover's dream and envy.

5. Stunning Red Flower and Shiny, Christmas Balls 

 Christmas Noelle 

Throw in a handful of red, shiny Christmas balls into your flower mix. Not only does it add texture, but it looks awesome when light hits them too. 

Don’t have time to DIY? How about we do it for you? Check out our Custom Arrangements page for more details. Or check out our latest Christmas Collection.

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